Cloud Computing & its Advantages

Cloud Computing & its Advantages

The technology is moving ahead with tremendous speed. This entails embracing of the use of computers for practically everything in life. Now, this activity requires the machines to have tremendous memory to be able to store the huge quantities of data. The earlier day computers were giant machines with the memory storing unit being the biggest component of the system. In the years to come, the server machines saw the light of day. These machines could store large quantities of data while occupying comparatively less space. However, this is not enough considering the huge quantity of data generated by computers, mobile phones, and other devices throughout the world. This brings the cloud computing concept into the reckoning. There are various advantages of cloud computing. Let us look at some of them in brief.

  • Cost effectiveness: When you use cloud computing for storing your data, you tend to save on costs of acquiring the expensive hardware. You also save on the cost of the updates.
  • Unlimited space: A server, however sophisticated it may be, has limitations as far as storage capacity is concerned. The cloud servers on the other hand have unlimited space and hence storage is never a problem.
  • Does not require much monitoring: Your normal physical servers require a lot of monitoring for it to function properly. The cloud servers do not require much monitoring thereby leaving you with enough time to concentrate on your other businesses.
  • Improved security features: When you use cloud computing services, the onus of providing the security rests on the cloud hosting provider. Hence, you can get the highest quality of security features.
  • Environment friendly: You do not use the physical hardware when you switch over to cloud computing. Therefore, you do a great help to the environment by reducing your carbon footprint.

There are many other advantages. We have highlighted just five of the major ones for you.

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