PPC Management Target with Precision Your Potential Customers

Leverage the power of Pay Per Click Campaigns to reach your target market with razor sharp accuracy and generate quality leads.

Our strategic Pay Per Click services are not restricted to just reaching out to your potential customers. We widen the scope of your market reach with compelling ad copies and graphics, compel visitors to click your ads, drive them to carefully designed landing pages and turn them into buyersunproductive campaigns.


With cutting edge PPC management solutions we help you to bid at the lowest
possible Cost Per Click (CPC) rate and save you from losing money on unproductive campaigns.

Consulting and Strategy

  • Selecting the ideal campaign platform as per your needs (Google Adwords, Overture, Yahoo / Bing Search Marketing)
  • Plan budget and geographical location identification
  • plan landing pages as per requirement

Bid Management

  • Bid only on the right selected keyword phrases
  • Greater click-to-client conversion ratio for a lower cost-per-click
  • Avoid getting involved in a keyword bidding war with your competitors

Keywords Research and Campaign Set Up

  • Chalk out the right keyword strategy based on indepth research
  • Handpicking of high performing keywords and keyword families
  • Filtering out unproductive keywords

Split and Multivariate Testing

  • We test campaigns to check and understand which ones are doing better than others
  • Comparing different ads for same keywords to identify which one converts better
  • Comparing multiple ads and pages to identify potential for better ROI

Compelling Ad Copies and Landing Pages

  • Persuasive, compelling ad copies focused on benefits, features and call to action
  • Well-designed keyword enriched landing pages with neat layout and call to action

Strategic Facebook Paid Campaigns

  • We run Paid social media campaigns on your Facebook to generate qualified traffic and build reach
  • We create persuasive creatives and graphics
  • Engage users with high quality content, graphics and compelling posts and convert them into buyers

Hire efficient Pay Per Click management experts at BiznizMedia for your achieving building and expanding your customer base, traffic, conversions and revenue.